“I like meditation because it helps me in my studies. It also helps me to relax. I learnt meditation in the Children’s course. I understand a lot more about the body, mind and soul. I do meditation early in the morning and in the evening. I love the Creative meditation experience. It is fun!  Meditation has also helped me to enjoy my relationship with my friends.

                   - Chandrahas Anand Subhash, Student, 10 years old, Raja Yoga practitioner of 3 years.


“The Brahmakumaris Raja yoga course has definitely been an eye opener. The greatest benefit I have gained is freeing myself from anger, fear and worry.”

- Punitha Ravindran, Undergraduate, Raja Yoga practitioner of 8 months.


“I have been searching for 'Who I really am’ since my 30s. Some of the books I read and courses I attended only fuelled me to ask more questions. Through Raja Yoga meditation, many of my questions were answered. It was enlightening to know that 'I am a soul in a physical body'. After my Inner Peace Inner Power Retreat in 2011, I started to be regular in my practice. It has been a magical journey for me.”

                     - Vivienne Ho, IT Freelancer and Farmer, Raja Yoga practitioner of more than 3 years  

“It is here that I came to know who am I and what is the purpose of my life. I am applying this Raja yoga knowledge and meditation in my life on a day to day basis and it has greatly improved my professional and family relationships. My unnecessary worries and fears are a thing of the past.”

- Nandlal Patil, Software Engineer, Raja Yoga practitioner of 18 months

“I used to be short tempered and impatient but with the practice of meditation, have become more patient. This has benefited me in my line of work - teaching. I have learnt to be non-judgmental and open in my interaction with others.”

– Rema Narayanan, Teacher, Raja Yoga practitioner of 35 years

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