Master your mind, design your life

I attend the class for children. I have learnt how to handle various situations as I can now see things from a different perspective."

- Twisha Mehta (11), Student, Raja Yoga practitioner of 3 years

“I like meditation because it helps me in my studies. It also helps me to relax. I learnt meditation in the Children’s course. I understand a lot more about the body, mind and soul. I do meditation early in the morning and in the evening. I love the Creative meditation experience. It is fun!  Meditation has also helped me to enjoy my relationship with my friends.

                   - Chandrahas Anand Subhash, Student, 10 years old, Raja Yoga practitioner of 3 years.

“The Brahmakumaris Raja yoga course has definitely been an eye opener. The greatest benefit I have gained is freeing myself from anger, fear and worry.”

- Punitha Ravindran, Undergraduate, Raja Yoga practitioner of 3 years

"Practising meditation has allowed me to focus on my self progress by recognising and  transforming my weaknesses. It has also allowed me to understand that peace comes from within. Through this deep understanding I'm able to have good wishes for others."

- Aarti, Raja Yoga practitioner of 21 years

“It is here that I came to know who am I and what is the purpose of my life. I am applying this Raja yoga knowledge and meditation in my life on a day to day basis and it has greatly improved my professional and family relationships. My unnecessary worries and fears are a thing of the past.”

- Nandlal Patil, Software Engineer, Raja Yoga practitioner of 3 years

"I used to struggle a lot with work-related worries and anxieties. Engaging in a regular meditation practice over the past two years, however, has helped me to better manage this deep-seated habit. I am motivated to continue deepening my meditation practice because it gives me so much inner strength, stability, peace and power that I am convinced I will one day be completely free of worry and anxiety.

- Jeyashini, Education Professional, Raja Yoga practitioner of 2 years.

“I have been searching for 'Who I really am’ since my 30s. Some of the books I read and courses I attended only fuelled me to ask more questions. Through Raja Yoga meditation, many of my questions were answered. It was enlightening to know that 'I am a soul in a physical body'. After my Inner Peace Inner Power Retreat in 2011, I started to be regular in my practice. It has been a magical journey for me.”

                     - Vivienne Ho, IT Freelancer and Farmer, Raja Yoga practitioner of more than 3 years  

"Due to the responsibilities and challenges I faced at work, I was often stressed and this caused me to get angry and frustrated easily. The effects were harming me both mentally and physically. Meditation on a daily basis helps to calm me down and start the day positively by providing me with clarity in all situations, thus helping me to find practical solutions. Now, it has become a daily routine in my life." 

- Michelle Yap, Raja Yoga practitioner of 6 years.

"The simple practice of meditation has transformed my life and helped me to overcome stress. Moreover, it has made me, happier, more active and mentally strong. It has also taught me to accept people and situations as they are."

- Kinjal Prajapati, Raja Yoga practitioner of 6 years.

"One of the main things I have benefited through meditation is to understand myself and others in the right way and to maintain good relationships with everyone. It helps me to build my self-esteem and confidence, especially when I’m grappling with family issues and situations. Additionally, Raja Yoga meditation has taught me how to discipline my mind. The most important thing is that it gives me internal happiness, satisfaction and creates newness in my life.

- Aruna, Raja Yoga practitioner of 6 years

"I’m a very active person and have been a Hatha yoga teacher since 2002. In 2013, I met with an accident and the doctor told me that it would take about 2 years for me to recover. However, my practice of Raja Yoga meditation empowered me with a positive mind. This enabled me to totally absorb my pain and eased all negative thoughts. I understood how to increase my self-esteem through knowledge and meditation practice. I overcame the limitations of my body and my quick recovery was nothing short of a miracle. Raja Yoga has made me a healthy, peaceful and loving human being. "

- June Koh, Raja Yoga practitioner of 8 years.

"Meditation allows me to check myself consistently whenever I’m disturbed or irritated. I am able to transform my thoughts so that I have a calm and peaceful state of mind. Now I can't live without meditation."

- Amos, Raja Yoga practitioner of 22 years.

"Raja Yoga allows me to love myself as I have reclaimed my self-esteem through the practice of meditation. I have started to act from the original good qualities that I have. I have also learnt to be more accepting and loving towards all living beings, as I now understand the Creator and His creation."

- Sarah Ng, Raja Yoga practitioner of 25 years.

"Meditation has helped me a lot as I don’t get stressed and emotional, and this in turn has brought relief to my asthma condition. I had been taking steroid tablets for nearly 36 years. Having meditated for the past 25 years, in the very first year, I observed that my asthma was cleared by 80%. For me, meditation is not complicated. It is a means of teaching my mind to think in a different way, in a positive way."

- Raji, 64 years old, Raja Yoga practitioner of 25 years

"The Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga family has always been a refuge for me when life gets rough and challenging. They have given me effective mental tools to process adversity, thereby making me a stronger individual. They have taught me how to turn inward to find the answers lying within me. The constant dose of faith and hope while being anchored in pragmatism has helped me navigate this journey of life with confidence and zeal. I may not be perfect but Raja Yoga has definitely made me a better human being."

- Victor Tan, Raja Yoga practitioner of 29  years

 "I love the easy-to-understand and simple-to-follow method of meditation which is taught here. The quick result in experiencing the peace within has been the motivating factor for me to continue with it all these years. It is a useful skill to have in this increasingly stressful and challenging world. I've had many chances to share n pass on what I've learnt to others and feel the satisfaction when they too benefit from it."

- Ramesh, Raja Yoga practitioner of 31 years

"One of the biggest benefits I've achieved through meditation is to be able to help and support my friends and family even when I am physically far away from them. I was able to generate and send thoughts and feelings of peace, power and love, and the recipient was able to experience this support and was able to recover more steadily."

- Rohini Patel, Raja Yoga practitioner of 36 years

“I used to be short tempered and impatient but with the practice of meditation, have become more patient. This has benefited me in my line of work - teaching. I have learnt to be non-judgmental and open in my interaction with others.”

– Rema Narayanan, Teacher, Raja Yoga practitioner of 38 years