Local Activities

World Peace Hour (Meditation)

A monthly one-hour meditation session (every 3rd Friday 7-8 pm) which gives all of us a chance to contribute Peace and Happiness through our thoughts and spiritual vibrations to eradicate the mental stress and peacelessness now prevailing in the whole world

Video Workshops:

  • An interactive session of Dialogue, Discussion and Deliberation
  • Based on video clips of talks given by our senior teachers who are experienced in the application of Raja Yoga meditation in their life
  • Active participation from audience thru’ group discussion with exercises on practical life examples

Relationship Workshop Series

On the fourth Friday of the month, we bring to you a series of workshops on how to develop and maintain positive relationships with the yourself and with people in your family, work place, neighbourhood, etc.

Workshops for the Youth

Monthly session on Spotlight on Values by the Youth of Om Cafe. Inspiration to inculcate values with fun..

Special Retreats

A refresher to those who completed the Raja Yoga course

Temple events

On special occasions & festivals, RajaYoga centre along with various temple committees jointly organise special programmes/ performances at temples to reveal the true significance of the festivals and mythological events

Special workshops

These workshops are conducted on ad-hoc basis to help people understand and cultivate the moral values/ virtues through simple techniques to lead a Happy and Peaceful life

The Center holds regular talks/activities/Workshops/Courses in:

  • Meditation
  • Positive thinking
  • Stress-management and stress-free living
  • Problem solving
  • Self-managing leadership and quality
  • Positive health/healthy-living
  • Benefits of vegetarianism & vegetarian cooking
  • Leadership retreat for youth
  • Creative visualization
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Raja Yoga Meditation Course in Englis...

Start Date / Time : 05/02/2018 07:00 PM

End Date / Time   : 15/02/2018 09:00 PM

Raja Yoga Meditation Intensive Course...

Start Date / Time : 16/02/2018 10:00 AM

End Date / Time   : 17/02/2018 01:00 PM


Creating a Positive Balance-Sheet

Start Date / Time : 29/01/2018 07:30 PM

End Date / Time   : 29/01/2018 09:00 PM