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Meditation Commentaries



Relaxation is about letting go of tension and stress and bringing the mind and body into a state of calm and peace ...

  • Relaxation of the muscles
  • Relaxation in the forest


Concentration allows me to use my time productively, once I have relaxed: I focus on the thoughts I choose to have ...

  • Concentration on a point
  • Concentration flow of breath
Inner Journey

Inner Journey

Meditation Commentaries for Beginners

  • Soul Consciousness
  • Supreme Soul
  • Light
  • Peace
  • Serenity
  • Love of God
Link of Life

Link of Life

Guided Meditations by Anthony Strano

  • Introduction
  • Stepping Inwards
  • The Heart Link
  • The Supreme Link
  • The Journey Upwards
Knowing God

Knowing God

Guided Meditation Commentaries

  • Relationship Friend
  • Relationship Teacher
  • Relationship Father
  • Relationship Mother
  • Introduction-Knowing GOD
  • God The Being of Truth
  • God The Being of Light
  • A World of Light
  • Introduction-Knowing God