Meditation is one of the greatest arts in life. The simplest definition of the word meditation is “correct use of the mind”. It is the process whereby we gain control over the mind and guide it to a more positive direction.

If we want to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of life, its complexities and problems; we need to develop the power of the mind to a great extent. When the mind is weak, we lose touch with our true inner peace and power, and start to experience stress and feel trapped. Gradually, this leads to ailments and diseases as our mental, emotional and physical health is thrown out of balance.

Raja Yoga Meditation teaches spiritual awareness which gives us the power to choose good and positive thoughts over those which are toxic and negative. With the shift of thoughts to more positive and constructive ones, one will be able to feel more balanced and approach everyday situations positively. Through this process of adopting a positive method, one can experience immense inner peace even when encountering external chaos. Furthermore, one will be able to create happier and healthier relationships, and feel more elevated and uplifted in life.

Raja Yoga meditation is a practice with “open eyes” which makes this method of meditation versatile, simple and easy to practise. Just like any healthy practice, the practice of Raja Yoga meditation can be incorporated into one’s lifestyle, giving experiences of peace and contentment. We invite you to partake in our introductory courses offered free of charge by the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centre. Come and experience the positive changes that meditation can bring to all parts of your life. Take charge of your life with meditation.

In summary, the benefits of meditation is as follows:

  • Stability and Clarity of Mind coupled with deep inner peace and contentment
  • Gain power to erase negative attitudes & feelings and develop a positive and easy nature
  • Free from thinking unwanted thoughts and develop inner strength and resilience
  • Get to know and love yourself deeply and learn how to nurture relationships with those you love.

Experience Sharing

I first started out as a hatha yoga practitioner. That led me to Raja Yoga. The practice of Hatha yoga was mainly for the body. Raja Yoga is a practice that harnesses the mental energy of the soul & replenishes my energy. Through Raja Yoga, I received deep knowledge & understanding that mentally nourishes, empowers and benefits the soul tremendously. This is why I love the practice of Raja Yoga meditation


Secretary at the Buddhist centre, Raja Yoga Practitioner for 1 year

Raja Yoga meditation helped me to connect to my inner being. I became more aware of my thoughts, emotions and actions. I realised that I’m capable of demonstrating my innate qualities at the right time. Meditation enables me to experience inner peace, be cheerful and spread the vibrations to others as well. No matter what the situation may be, meditation keeps me constantly cool and stable. This was especially so when my mum passed on & I was surprised that I had the power to stay strong and focus better than I had expected!

M. Sarojathevi

Social work Associate, Raja Yoga Practitioner for 3 years

I started meditating when I was 7. By experimenting with guided commentaries and visualization techniques, I improved my self-talk which encouraged me to see the positive side of any situation, especially when facing critiques or corrections in my school work. Recently, I campaigned for the post of President of the Student Council. Practising meditation before my speech helped me deliver it with ease and confidence, which resonated well with my fellow students. My calm demeanour and clarity won their support, and I was elected President.

Allam Rithwik Reddy

14 years old, Raja Yoga practitioner for 7 years

Raja Yoga Meditation has helped me immensely in controlling my emotions and being able to stay calm in every situation. The knowledge  imparted has provided me with the tools and techniques to transform my old habits which I never believed could be changed. With a stable mind, I am able to see every situation positively. With the help of this understanding, I have seen a remarkable change in my professional life & have been able to manage priorities & relationships better. Raja Yoga meditation has unquestionably helped me to uncover my true potential.

RameshSanjiv Chakravarty

Banking professional, Raja Yoga Practitioner for 4 years

I was introduced to meditation at the age of 8. While my profound appreciation and understanding of its benefits grew over time, my early exposure instilled in me invaluable principles that have guided my life journey. Since childhood, I was taught the importance of higher values such as compassion, truth, love, and humility. This upbringing shaped a perspective that enables me to gracefully navigate life’s many challenges. Through consistent meditation practice, I learned to develop a resilient and positive mindset, enabling me to approach all situations with openness and acceptance.


Raja Yoga Practitioner for 27 years

I have been practising meditation for 3 years now. It made me less stressed and helped me make more friends. Everyday, I feel really happy because of it.


Student 9yrs, Raja Yoga Practitioner for 3 years

I learnt Raja Yoga when I was just 8.One challenge I faced was maintaining focus while studying. I often found myself getting distracted, which hindered my productivity. Incorporating meditation into my study routine has improved my concentration, especially during crucial exam periods. I am able to quiet my mind, reduce distractions, and focus on the task at hand. This mental clarity has boosted my academic performance and also helped me approach my studies with a sense of calm and confidence.

Adya Bhambani

Student 13yrs, Raja Yoga Practitioner for 4 years

RajYoga meditation has been my guiding light from last 8 years, bringing clarity, calmness, and profound insight into my inner world. It has empowered me to harness my inner strengths and navigate life’s complexities with ease. Through this practice, I’ve gained a deep understanding of my inner powers and developed a keen sense of discernment between right and wrong. Grateful for this transformative journey.

Dr. Piyush Mehta

Banking Professional, Raja Yoga Practitioner for 8 years

Due to the responsibilities and challenges I faced at work, I was often stressed and this caused me to get angry and frustrated easily. The effects were harming me both mentally and physically. Meditation on a daily basis helps to calm me down and start the day positively by providing me with clarity in all situations, thus helping me to find practical solutions. Now, it has become a daily routine in my life.

Michelle Yap

Raja Yoga practitioner for 12+ years.

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